In Pain And Fed Up

Feeling a major attack of panic. Panic that what Im getting involved in is too much, that I wont be able to cope and Im going to let people down.Feeling I didnt act as moderator one the site in the way I should have .Had a meeting last night for YF it starts on Sunday worry about lack of organisation and committment of our leader.Maybe its because I dont feel well and Ive got the most incredible toothache which I may have to put up with ages. I have to be referrred to the school of dentistry and they have to in turn get in touch with my consultant in the Haemophilia ward whch treats my thrombyctapenia. Im on medication for infection around my tooth no sign of improvement and I taking way to many painkillers .

Caught up in the headlights

Not knowing where to run

caught up in the healights

Trying to find a place to hide

Afraid to try

Afraid to fail

I shout “why ! Why me? ”

“ Because I love you , because I care”

God wants me in the sunlight

He wants me to shine

Ano more hiding in dark corners

Always on the run.




Dear FatherPlease take away my doubts
Show trust in your judgement
Fill me with your Holy spirit
Let your spirit shine through


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