This weekend was so busy and I was worried that it wouldn’t go well. I`ve helped out at church before but this was the first time I was partly responsible for the organisation of an event Firstly went shopping with a friend to get all the food for the prayer breakfast and BBQ. I wasn’t really involved with it in the beginning but it seemed sensible to get both lots together . Maybe a separate shop would have been a good idea . 40 Ulster fry s and food for about 100 for the BBq is a lot of food. Went nice and early , it was good to get it out of the way. Friday night we turned up at church to set up for breakfast ,had plenty of strong men to help with the tables.We werent the healthiest bunch . Then I was asked was I cooking and I said no but I`d come in time to wash up, course felt guitly and turned up to cook, was a laugh actually and it went really well. Then we after the walk were everyone went roungd the church grounds praying for different things . We had so many offers of help to clear up we ended up getting all set up for the BBQ by 11 0`clock. Arent people good. We had decided by then to eat in doors as it was cold and a lot of our elderly had put them names down.The night went really well though only 80 turned up instead of the 108 that had put them names down. The good thing was we didnt cook all the food and there should be enough in the freezer for Yf BBq in oct. We played silly games with adults while the kids went out for the treasure hunt and the pinnada. Which they loved. Wisely they made my eldest son goes last to bash it as he completely lost its head. Our praise band turned there hand to sing along songs which everyone enjoyed especially the older members.My friend who I organised it with did have to go early as she was exhausted. You might remember I`ve asked for prayers on the prayers for health thread. But by that time it was just the tidying up and again loads of help, we even got set up for Sunday School.A great day for fellowship bringing together the family of St pauls to the glory of God.


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