Being Busy

Did you ever feel like you where on a roller coaster and couldnt get of even if you wanted too. Well thats how i feel at the moment . Im just feel too busy. Im loving college , the class are so nice a real mix of people. One is a recovered drug addict who now works with teens helping them fight the same addiction he has beaten. You know he is such a nice guy , you can see how passionate he is in helping these kids. Slowly getting to know them all . But the work is Aghhhh Im not used to handing in written work and we have a huge reading list which I admit sometimes due to interuptions I read the same page over and over again before my brain accepts it as read. Unfortunaly one of our facilatators is leaving to take up a position in Niger. He encouraged me to continue with this course after doing the ocr last year I`ll miss his humour. After a hectic week last week when I had 6 assigment to hand in things will settle down and I get feed back on those this week.The last couple of weeks has also been busy in church . we invited a couple of Youth Fellowships to join us for a harvest BBq. It went really well well worth the effort and it was nice seeing the young people chatting with others . One has invited us to come to there church in spring and its going to be nice to make links and friendshipsI did my first stint as a sunday school teacher but glad I am only covering and not taking it every week. We are starting to make arrangements for our church family christmas party or christmas pie as we are calling it. Different church groups are going to put together acts for entertainment, should be a real laugh.Somewhere in this is my family who are having to do without me a lot more than they are used too



Your words are like Autumn touched by the sun
With fire and spirit, lots of love held within.

Winter waiting for your direction
anticipation, hope and longing

Promises of springtime, afresh and new
After the winter which are all due

Like a childhood of endless summer
Your strength and wisdom continues
For ever.

I Need A Hug

I need a Hug
Climb up upon my lap
Scrambling upon your knee, I snuggle in close
eyes shut tight
Tell me your trouble, whats wrong my child
Pulling me close I feel comfort and right
I take a breathe my heart is heavy
Nothings going right, I dont know what to do .
You listen and nod as I whinge and I cry
Trust me its fine
everything will be alright
Its just takes time leave it with me
And don`t worry
Thanks for listening
Thanks for being here
You smile as I go
I turn as you say
Anytime, Im always here
Ive been here even
befor time began