Cant Believe Its So Long Since I Posted Anything

Cant believe its so long since I posted anything . Church has been really busy recently . A friend and I organised a christmas party which was held on saturday and went really well. We ended up with 150 people . we started off with traditional party games including pass the parcel whith each table having a parcrel and all the kids in the middle with one . Then some of our organisations put on a show . The martins where so cute dressing up as little rabbits and christmas trees. Then our youth fellowship did a funny version of the 12 days of christmas I of course ended up being 2 calling birds. I havent laughed so much in ages. Then on of the girls did a display of Irish dancing, shes won loads of competitions. Then space ( dont remember what it stands for ) did a grease thing , course I got roped in to that as well.So we dressed up as pink ladies. I spent some of friday and all of saturday setting up the hall and getting the food ready thank God for those who voluteered to help .I was so proud of our connect kids who did so well and then stayed on to help clear the tables and clear the hall for sunday school the next morning. Then last night connect Youth fellowship went carol singing to St Pauls fold and had chinese after. It was hard work aranging it all but well worth it but to be honest Im glad its over so that I can get on with the job of getting ready for christmas which is seriously behind.Of course christmas isnt the only thing that Im struggling with , all my college assignment have to be handed in the second week in January thats 22 journals and 2 case studies . Im a little behind with the journals but it should be to bad , but the case studies are causing me some grieve as Im a bit unsure exactly what its meant to look like. I mean if you asked someone who lived in an igloo to draw a house they might have difficulty, its the same thing I just afraid of doing it wrong.Over all Im enjoying it but its hard to fit it in with everything and Im not really getting peace to concentrate to do all the required reading. Its a case of reading a few lines getting interrupted and picking it up and thinking “did I read that ? “.