Food for thought

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Concerning Anger… Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Ephesians 4:31,32 NIV

certainly plenty for me to think about…………………….


Family Days Out

Well the holidays are over Dd doesnt go back till tomorrow but the boys are and the two children I mind will be here this afternoon. Im very fond of them but its been nice just having my own here for the week . We had a couple of lovely days out, the weather was lovely except last Tuesday when we went to see Ardress house and had a picnic in the rain in the grounds. we also spent a day in Portaferry which is on the Ards penisula a lovely part of the country. The aquarium is there but maybe not the smartest idea going a bank holiday Monday it was packed. This is also home to the fiddlers Green but we didnt visit instead we drove round the coast a bit and ate our chips-lovely much nicer than the picnic.Easter hols is never complete without a visit to Belfast zoo this was the first time we went without a pram , ds2 is near 4 and he did really well but the zoo has developed up the side of a hill/ mountain depending on your level of fitness so a mountain to me . Back has been bad since i dont think carrying ds2 at times helped.


Im about to head to bed but just wanted to write about a programme I have just watched about a little boy called Novemthree who was born with a condition which meant his face was a mass of tumours. The bit which which showed him wiping away another child’s tears even though he was so ill himself brought me to tears They where removed but regrew so quickly and he didn’t survive a second op. Programmes like this upset me but in many ways it was so positive and really touched me. His family were simple devout Christians from Indonesia who entrusted their son to God and the surgeons . I feel I can learn so much from their simple faith, leaning and trusting on God they didn’t seem to have room for any anger or regret so strong was their faith

Here We Go Again

Cant believe I havent posted here for so long. Things have been so hard for me recently, I guess I`ve been hiding from everyone. I passed my module , was quite amazed actually and immediately straight into the next one. I was so determined not to get behind this time lots more to do . Lots of assignments, a written exam , a video of a counselling session and a write up. Plus Im trying to find a placement. But what happens- Im seriously behind, not all together my fault this time. Some childhood problems have reared there ugly head , issues that I felt where dealt with long ago have been brought to the fore front by someone else so not in my control. Memories that i would rather not think about. I been suffering from the depression that I promised wouldnt be allowed to get in the way of my life and family again. I feel so cross with my mother but mostly me. But I know Im not alone God is by my side just like always

My Faith , My Church

On a brighter note I was asked by my Rector to write an articule for our church magazine , this will be the forth in a series of different people writing about their faith and church, so here it is

My Faith, My Church .I wasn’t brought up knowing God. I never went to church or Sunday school and I guess I’m not most people’s idea of a church of Ireland member. However growing up for some ‘strange’ reason I always spoke to him though I didn’t really know who I was exactly talking to. Romans 1:19 (NLT) For the truth about God is known to them instinctively. God has put this knowledge in their hearts. I came across this verse quite recently and it explains why although I didn’t know God by name I was always aware of his presence. Through some really difficult times God’s presence was the difference between surviving and falling.So I can honestly say my Faith means everything to me , with It and Gods hand in my life I wouldn’t have anything worthwhile .I became a Christian at the age of 14 but wasn’t ready , there was too many things hidden and ignored in my life . God doesn’t want us to bury hurts he wants us to allow healing and this can mean visiting painful memories and allowing him to work in us, moulding us and making us whole.So finally at the age or 32, 18 years after I first became a Christian I was baptised in church along with my daughter. Its a long journey but its one that if I stop then I stop growing, stop leaning on God and stop listening to that small still voice which still some days isn’t very quiet. I think when I was 14 I wanted “something” to fill my life now God is my life and through him I have received so much.Attending St Paul’s plays a big part in my faith, for a number of years I went on a Sunday till the next Sunday, I didn’t ‘belong’ I just went. The last couple of years I have become more involved in church and really can’t recommend it enough. It’s like my relationship with God the more I put in the more I am richly blessed. I said at the beginning I’m probably not a lot of peoples idea of a church of Ireland member I love the praise and worship of the 10 0`clock service even with the distraction my young son I am lifted so much by it, Gods presence is so strong. At the same time I respect and value the tradition that is held dear by so many. I truly feel St Paul’s is part of my Family but if I ever feel too comfortable them I’ll have to question what am I doing wrong or want does God want me to do next.