Family Days Out

Well the holidays are over Dd doesnt go back till tomorrow but the boys are and the two children I mind will be here this afternoon. Im very fond of them but its been nice just having my own here for the week . We had a couple of lovely days out, the weather was lovely except last Tuesday when we went to see Ardress house and had a picnic in the rain in the grounds. we also spent a day in Portaferry which is on the Ards penisula a lovely part of the country. The aquarium is there but maybe not the smartest idea going a bank holiday Monday it was packed. This is also home to the fiddlers Green but we didnt visit instead we drove round the coast a bit and ate our chips-lovely much nicer than the picnic.Easter hols is never complete without a visit to Belfast zoo this was the first time we went without a pram , ds2 is near 4 and he did really well but the zoo has developed up the side of a hill/ mountain depending on your level of fitness so a mountain to me . Back has been bad since i dont think carrying ds2 at times helped.


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