Crown Jesus

Things are the usual mad house but I really wanted to share what I was up to over Easter. Had some really good family time as I have already said but I didn’t say about crown Jesus Miminstries , here a link A fantastic organisation they encourages young people in their walk with God. Its also tries to encourage different denominations to work together, no mean feat.From the beginning of January until the end of May, Crown Jesus Ministries has been working in Lisburn city and as part of that they help to organise Street reach along side the church Army. This initiative involves encouraging our young people to go out into the community, clearing areas doing peoples gardens painting out graffiti and clearing rubbish. Showing them that God loves them – no hidden agenda no hidden catch. It really was uplifting to be involved and to see our young people witness to the community. In the morning we had a wonder praise and pray time, then lunch before hitting the streets, what was nice also was getting to know people from different churches, Methodists, Elim, Baptist, Presbyterians, and C O Ireland among others.Then on saturday they organised a night called one way. A night of praise and worship and prayer , there was also dramas and dance and it certainly proved that the life of a young christian doesnt need to be dull. We took a long a group from connect our youth fellowship and our Rector and his wife came along. It was great night even if i felt a little bit older when i left. Have a look at the link up above its a great organisation.

God is Awesome


One thought on “Crown Jesus

  1. I was just surfing the net on Crown Jesus Ministires and landed on your site. Thanks for the very kind remarks. We are currently working in East Belfast with 23 churches.Once again we will be doing street reach as well as all the other events and training.

    Keep us in your prayers, and if your not a prayer partner already… click on our web site and follow the link.

    Thanks again


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