A Last Minute Ramble

Tomorrow is the kids last day of school, Ds2 finished nursery today . No scouts, ballet, ju-jitsu,youth club, no youth fellowship , no music lessons and no college . In other words no driving round like a mad women, half times forgetting where it is Im meant to be going and ending up in the wrong direction. Am I the only one who does that?Past all my exams and relief was replaced by amazment that I actually did well, much better than my last exams. Just some not so light reading and a placement to find. Heading of to salou with the family on Monday so busy weekend packing also having a family get together on Sunday for Ds2 4th birthday which isnt till next week. Its been such a hard year , worries about my family abroad , Ds2 health , praise God fully recovered from his surgery and now Ds1 impending surgery. And the realisation that people dont always return the friendship offered ,a hard lesson no matter what your age only God can be trusted fully


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