Salou…. Nou Camp

We managed to get to Barcelona once this holiday we didnt hire a car as Salou is so busy and the majority of cars have major bumps to them and didnt fancy the stress. Actually on the home our coach took a wing of a parked car and didnt even stop . In defence of the driver the car was parked right on the corner and it took our driver about 4 attempts to get round it. WE thouht maybe he didnt notice but when he stopped to pick more people up he went round to look at what damage was done to the bus

Nou camp is awesome… not a foot ball fan at all but it is huge. I never knew that they didnt have sponsors because the people of Barcelona dont want them to and about there involvement in the political upheavel during Franco`s rule. They where outlawed for years. But standing in the press box was amazing even if it was a little high for me you couldnt help but be impressed and the sense of history was fab.


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