A Positive Outcome

Went to a very useful meeting for the youth fellowship I help to run , sometimes these meetings tend to run in circles and we come away with loads of ideas but no real plan.We intend to use Ken Hams study guide (Look Here) once a month and use other material to fill in. Also have regular fun nights and a few speakers. If we stick to the same thing they tend to get bored and easily distracted.Also I got permission for Connect to put a mural on one of the walls in the youth room so that should be great fun.Im not feeling as anxious about our drop in leaders, we started of with 6 and we are down to two and the other leader will probaly be leaving but we have 2 lovely 18 year girls who have just gone through safe guarding trust and they seem very committed. But with both of them at uni and me at college we are definately on the look for at least one other person , so prayers needed there.


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