Too soon its over

Sunday saw us heading off to Church which is Hannah`s Aunt church.It really made the weekend special going to church together. We were a little late because we got a little lost. But still in time for a baptismal , the sermon and some lovely praise music. We were also lucky to meet Hannah`s cousin with her 20 mth old twin girls. Boy did we have to work hard to get smiles out of those pair.

They we headed off for lunch at a beefeaters where we all managed to eat our lunch and of course afters. Oh the way back to the hotel we all sung (or at least I tried to ) some lively worship music together.

It was over to soon just time for some hugs and tear before we all ended of in different directions. Hannah left me off at the airport . Flight home was quiet , the sun was setting as we flew over the clouds all pink with the setting sun, a lady sat beside me reading for which I was glad I had so much to think about. Laughing inside thinking of things said and done . A special weekend with some very special friends. So often you meet people who sound like Christians but it less often that you just feel it radiating from them I have been blessed.


2 thoughts on “Too soon its over

  1. *Sniff sniff* Glad you can see God in all of us (including me – the worst Christian there I think!!). I’m so glad you were able to make it, you are such an important part of this group, and we wouldn’t have you stay behind ever (so see you next year!!!)

    Hugs and kisses

    M x x

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