People watching

whenever I go out if and my mind wanders I people watch , I love watching people with their kid , young ones mucking about having fun. Last week I was in McDonalds with my children- Can I call them children? still my eldest Son is nearly 15 and my Daughter is 12 going on 18 on a good day sometimes she appears to be the adult and me the mere child. Only my youngest is truly a child at four I think its the best age . Full of fun and just learning about the importance of self- trying to see how far he can go and yet Mummy is still best

Anyway there was a young Mum with her son and the love and care she showed him, he had down`s and I remember thinking its not fair she was too young isn’t it meant to be older Mums and how a doctor suggested I should think about testing as at 36 I was an older Mum but you know what God had given that little boy the perfect Mummy for him. It was obvious he was well loved .Another family caught my eye a granny being suffocated by her little granddaughter with kisses and being joined by her Mum and little brother . I thought that was lovely something I never got to do. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t miss my actual Mum but I do miss having a Mum who loves me and especially not having one to love my lovely kids.


5 thoughts on “People watching

  1. Oh, I can so relate to that too. My step mum is great, but she’s not my mum, is she? It is lovely when you see families who obviously appreciate one another. I’m sure when your kids have kids of their own, they will love you as a Gran (long way to go before you get to that point though – hee hee!).

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