A really nice day…….

I had a really nice day today. Ds2 was going back to nursery which of course means inducting all over again. I knew he wouldnt be happy just going for an hour so thought about doing something nice.

So I rang his little friends house and his Mum and I took them to McDonalds for lunch before we headed off to nursery . We were meant to stay but got chased by our sons , so we sat out in the hall and chatted with aanother little girls granny who had been there last year too, all the rest where new to the nursery experience . And I can tell you the 3 of them where not impressed that not only could they stay for a mere hour, there was no food and that they had to wait till next Monday to start properly. I think this is going to be a very long week.Its a great idea for the new ones and means the teachers have more time for the children who find it hard to settle but for the old hands it can be frustrating . So hes stays on Monday for an hour , 1 1/2 the next day and by the next week will be in for the whole session.

I picked up the little boy I mind and we headed up to Jackies house , she lives in the middle of a forest and has a great garden for boys, lots of trees and bushes. They had a fab time while we had a coffee, I had the usual tears from my son when it was time to come home- its never long enough but normanly both boys cry and no-one ever whats to go home.


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