A play Day

Wed 07/09/06

Today I collected My sons friend to bring him home for a play day . Hes very lucky in that he lives in the forest park so he can go down to the end of the lane and feed the ducks and its has a fort what more could 4yr old boys want. Its somewhere we dont go often enough too and its only a mile away .

every winter our resident swans are joined by visitors , a few years ago during a particular cold winter we had over 50 swans .

So we stopped off to feed the ducks and swans and where luckyto see a small group of Brent geese. A very large proportion winter here from the Arctic but most go to the Ards peninsula.

We stopped of to get some chips from a van, the village is of historical importance and we aren’t allowed a chippy. Back home we ate our rather unhealthy lunch and the boys played.

Both boys are very alike , very active is a nice way of putting it and on their own their fine- together things get a bit manic. But they get on very well and never fight – they do gang up on their older brothers and sisters. however both have a large gap between themselves and their siblings so maybe that’s the reason. Anyway I was exhausted – roll on Monday when they go to Nursery school. and me and Kyles Mum can go for a coffee- we deserve it.


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