Monday was the usual sort of recovering from the weekend but I did go to mothers union in the evening. As it was the first meet after the supper we had a short service followed by supper. It was nice seeing everyone but every year faces disappear , a few deaths of our older members and those who arent able to come out anymore. Its so important to look after our older members of our church community. To be honest probaly the main reason why I go to it .

Tuesday was a mad rushing about day , made worse by my husband being on a course so late home and Ross starting Squirrels . So dinner was made early and plated up for everyone to eat when they could fit it in. I hate that- I really like us sitting down as a family unit. But as the children get older that happens less and less. Seems no time since it was Graham starting squirrels and hes nearly 15- where or where does the time go. So I took Ross and then dropped Graham off at Ju-Jitsu before going to college, meant I was 20 minutes late but couldn’t be helped. To be honest I wanted to take Ross to the first night anyway. Left hubby with the job of picking Ross up and then going to music school in church with him and Cheryl. Graham is able to walk up to church which saves a trip.

College was interesting we did a case study and by this stage we are able to pick out the different stages of the counselling process , left with loads of work to do, hand outs to read , an essay to write though a short one so not too bad.

Wednesday was just another week day except I went into town to buy some black boots and came out with


There actually quite red with a marbly effect , think Im going mad but they do say life begins at 40 so here we go. Havent had red boots since I was about 15. Anyway at this rate if I lose this weight I’ll be getting my belly button pierced- dont panic I think I’ll keep that one under wraps. But they were a bargin down from £85 to £30.


One thought on “Weekdays

  1. oooh I like those boots, not sure about getting my bellybutton pierced though, I’d probably be too chicken…3 ear piercings is enough for me lol

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