My weekend

I was a busy bee this weekend well the whole family was. On Friday I was looking after the little boy I mind and all the running Mums taxis service does. I started clearing my youngest’s room to get ready to decorate. I had already taken him to choose his paint , although only 4 I knew this was a safe bet as his fav colours are blue and yellow. He picked a lovely bright yellow and a lovely sky blue.

Saturday was an important day at church getting ready for Harvest, the church was beautiful. Each organisation is given an area to decorate and Connect my youth fellowship have the good shepherd window to do. I was really proud that some of the young people came to help and one of our young leaders. We did a flower display and had a bible and some bread and a ceramic goblet to represent holy communion. It was lovely. Then we helped with the other areas of the church which are pretty much free for all. Got home in time to make lunch and then stuck in to the washing and ironing I knew there was pretty little time the rest of the weekend.

In the evening I went with a friend to see a concert being held in a church it was in aid of SU Cape Town and God’s Golden Acre a HIV/AIDS program which I hope you will have a look at, not my usual kind of music but it was fab and the singer Jonathan Veria( his site appears to be down) was very entertaining. If you ever get the chance to see him I really can recommend it .


Sunday morning service was lovely we had a visitor Speaker , she preached on when God comes to gather his harvest, very appropriate. They we held our harvest lunch which went down well. well worth my suffering driving in with potato salad and a tossed salad in the car . Even with the window door my eyes where watering the onions and scallions were so strong. But lunch went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There was just time to clear up before our praise service in the afternoon. My daughter played guitar in the band along with a group of young people who are being taught by our praise band. Its so important that we encourage our young people to take part in church life and to feel a sense of belonging. My eldest son helped his Dad with the AV system I’m really proud that he has found a place in church for himself- indeed he goes for confirmation in the spring so I’m just praying for his commitment.

I got fish and chips on the way home, something I never do on a Sunday I enjoy Sunday dinner too much but really there wasn’t any time for anything else. I suppose I should have had something prepared but I don’t know when.

Then I was out to visit my Dads church which is an Elim pentecostal church- very lively as two friends where getting baptised. It quite normal for people to go there as they have a baptismal pool which is unheard of in a church of Ireland church though someone told me there was a new church being built with one. So a couple of Anglicans , about 7 young people from Elim. 2 from another Pentecostal church( cant remember which one) and one Roman catholic -isn’t that wonderful , all coming together to be Baptised in the water of salvation.
Sometimes when I have had a busy weekend I realise I have been too busy for God iykwim but happily this wasn’t the case this weekend – I feel truly blessed by God.


5 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. My friends from the Church of Ireland where getting baptised because they decided to make a full commitment to God rather than carrying on from where they had been baptised as children- they still attend my Church so I guess they where borrowing the pool . The girl from the RC faith does not attend the Chapel anymore A really big step as I believe some family members where not very happy with her decision. I was baptised in my church 9 years ago and maybe not ideal as it was just a spingle -at the moment anyway I feel it is enough as I was an adult making my decision and not the same as a baby but then at others I have my doubts – any ideas. Im not confirmed which I know some people in C O Ireland think I should be but the way i look at that is that is when a young adults takes over the comitted made by his parents and God parents – at 31 I think I was old enough lol

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