change over day

12 0ct 2006

Well today is our internet server change over day and I’m told it will be smooth ( by my – Husband obviously he hasn’t heard the horror stories I have heard) , one minute we are meant to be with utv and next we will be back with BT. Yes – we are coming home to BT – boy do I hate that ad.


Well the first bit has gone well . we are no longer with utv but then neither are we with BT which is why I’m doing this as a document to be later put in my blog. Its weird the internet is a big thing in my house interesting to see everyone’s reaction if we are without it any length of time. One good thing is that It defers a dilemma I’m having, a bad thing is I wish I had of copied a lot of information from a really good CBT site I found. I’m in the middle of some college work but there you go. The shop rang about my book and I will go into town and collect it tomorrow so if I’m still off the net it will have to do. Tonight is college and I’m hoping that there won’t be a repeat of my upset of Tuesday, feeling stronger today. And I was actually able to motivate myself to tackle some tidying and cleaning- I have found my bedroom and found a few things I though I had lost. I am however concerned that I might just fall over the things that are no longer lying on the floor. I have a lot to learn from proverbs 31 wife and mother .( who I don’t actually believe was one women but the attributes found in many- my proof she sounds perfect and no-one is perfect but boy don’t I fall short.

My poor washing machine is exhausted and I made a lasagne for tonight at lunch time .Lasagne again you say- pasta is fab for the nights I’m out , it can be prepared at any point in the day and heated through when needed, so we do tend to have a pasta based dish those nights. Maybe no internet is a good thing at least for a while.


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