I survived last night , actually wasn’t too bad . We covered depression, signs to look out for and we all filled in the BDI ( have to look up what it stands for ) . Anyway its a form that a lot of Hospital , doctors and counsellor use to cage the level of a persons depression. I’m mild to moderate but that’s something I knew anyway so no surprises there. I think that for some people like me it is in my nature I could go Freudian and look into my childhood but I wont its just me and as long as I keep it in check I’m fine. We didn’t talk about our personal results in class just general but I had a sneaky little though that our tutor looked in me in particular when she asked was everyone OK. After last week I cant say I blame her.

Bit worried about one of the class she was definitely out of sorts and didn’t really take part in discussion , doing group work she said she just wanted to be quiet and that’s fine but not like her so I will be covering S in prayer this week.

A bit of a shock we have to hand in some work next week , we did know but its rather unofficial not actually due into uni till nearer Christmas but we have been told by our college tutor last night that it has to be in or we get marks taken off for lateness. Bit of a panic I have 1200 words done and another 1200 to do for Tuesday and 2440 to do for Thursday. I have a awful cold and want to crash out , Instead I have a cold remedy with caffeine in it .

Well just before I head to bed I want to add I finished my CBT module assignments and its only 12.30 am- did go over the word count a little but they wont hang me for a couple of hundred – tomorrow I tackle ethics



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