My Weekend

Well after the stress of the last few weeks I have had a great weekend. One I finally got my hair done and its amazing what a boost a visit to the hairdressers is. Saturdays is really the only time I can go and recently both my husband and I have been busy doing other things.

w32.jpg       wedding32_1.JPG

Anyway yesterday was a special day , My husband and I where married 17 years. Where has the time gone ? Its been a really hard year with all the mud that has been raked up by sister regarding our childhood- Most of which he didn’t know and it took us a while to work through all the mess but I truly believe with God on our team we have come through it.

OK so what did we do- we went to the cinema and watch saw3. Eek not for the faint hearted , I love scary movies but this was all together a different thing I spent a good deal of the time cringing. After we went for a meal to an Indian restaurant which was lovely. It was nice to enjoy a meal without interruptions and even if for a short time be ‘us’ .

Sadly church was taken up with having to devote my time keeping my youngest quiet. He got a lovely present for sunday school attendance , a Bible for toddlers and we spent the service looking through it – so maybe it wasnt a waste of time.

No Connect tonight as its half term so just a peaceful evening though I must tackle the mountain of ironing in my living room.


6 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. Wow hun!!

    You both look wonderful. Yer I agree sounds like a real fun time you had altho me personally don’t DO scary films heehee
    Am into the more weepy stuff!!
    Love to you both xx

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