A thousand gifts:3


  1. That our church sale was fun
  2. My sons operation went well and he is recovered
  3. For my youngest son’s love of nursery
  4. For silly songs that I sing with my youngest
  5. For a warm fire in the hearth
  6. For Chocolate
  7. Even for the mouse that turned up in my sons room
  8. And for my cat expected to catch it
  9. For wonderful praise music
  10. And for our church praise band

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My weekend- another busy one

Such a busy weekend. Our Church where having a Christmas sale and all the church organisations ran different things. My youth fellowship ran games for the younger kids up in the youth room , the book stall and we had one of those boards outside that someone puts their head through and people throw wet sponges at them. 2 leaders volunteered , I was wise and stayed out front taking money . It well really well and our young people worked so hard from setting up on Friday night to tidying up after.

Saturday Night and my husband and I had been talked in to going to a table quiz- our team did so well – second last lol. Oh well it was fun anyway. I won a raffle which is a first- a bottle of wine- seeing as I rarely drink my husband took it.

Sunday church was great it was our 10 o’clock praise service and they had some new songs which I really liked, take a while to learn but it was good to sing something fresh and new. Some how in a moment of madness I had agreed to help out with the childrens talk using the puppets. Since when does saying yes to doing one sunday make it a life long committment- apparantly Im now on the puppet team. Went well except one of the others got lost in her lines and made up something- Help there was me lost to but if he happens again I will just ad lib.

Connect our youth fellowship went well we used one of the Ham videos. It was one of the leaders last night, shes away on holidays for 2 weeks and then after Christmas heads off to Kent for a new job . So if anyone comes across an Irish social worker be extra nice to her.It took a while for us to get used to working together but Im going to miss her so much.

Found a blog which I like so ‘ll be checking it out again

Learning for a life time


I presented my self appraisel to the class last night as did the rest – some really different but I got good feed back especially about my ethical base bit. But of course that means nothing as my Tutor marks it , then the course co-ordinator and then its sent to uni for the external examiner to mark- this is to check that the course is hitting the standard all over.

Now its over I have to move on to getting my plr’s finished and handed in for the 14 th Dec .Theres 22 of them each 600 words plus all the reading and referencing that they entail and I think thats the hardest bit. Its getting the peace and quiet and not being interrupting to read.

You know the senario your reading , someone wants something or just to tell you something. So you set it the book down and then whe you get back to it you have to begin the chapter again. After a couple of times you think how many times have I had to read this bit- still doesnt make sense and you give up till later.

Actually Im doing not too bad I have 13 done much better than at my last semester. Then its my written exam at the beginning of January. its a seen exam so we are hoping to get it in the next 2 weeks. This is the bit that worries me, I can manage with my PLR’S because I have the books in front of me but although i can study for it before hand Im not sure I can make sense of CBT in an exam – Still not very keen on it compared to other approaches and not keen at all to make it my approach , much prefer PCT or Egan.

In a crowded space
Im feeling alone
Is anybody listening?
Is anybody there ?

I don’t like this place
I feel Helpless, tied
unable to move
All I can do
is stop and stare

Is any one aware?
The pain within
I feel like a child
small and alone

And then I am lifted high
held close and tight
safe and secure
By My Lord, My God


For lots of people memories of childhood bring back sunny days, picnics , playing in the park. Feeling safe , loved , cuddles and laughter. But for some its a dark , frightening place that we would rather not revisited- I hate going back

Praise be to the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of compassion
and the God of all comfort,
who comforts us in all our troubles,
so that we can comfort those
in any trouble
with the comfort we ourselves
have received from God.
2 Corinthians 1:3, 4


Looking back I feel as if I have been pulled apart in all directions and put back totally different. It feels like a process that if I dont become one thing first I can’t move to the next level . As if each painful stage is bringing me closer to the person God wants me to be.


So often I feel like a lump of clay rather than the beautiful creation he wants me to be. If only I wasn’t so stubborn.