Musings: Where are the Dinasaurs???

Like all children mine have always loved stories and fairy-tales especially. Sadly my eldest are well past that stage more in to Si-fiction, mystery and teen books. But my littlest still loves nursery rhymes and fairy tales and hasn’t realised yet ( or he’s being polite ) that his Mummy cant sing. We sing alot together making up crazy songs , singing ones that I made up when his big brother and sister where little. It appears that they grow out of fairy-tales along with Santa and the tooth fairy and Easter bunny.
Where is this idle chat going well if you remember I said how my youngest got a lovely bible from Sunday school for attendance , we have been reading it and he seems to be really enjoying it. Well while pretty factual it has struck me that it is in many ways written like a fairytale .

For instance it says Adam and Eve had 2 children called Cain and Able – No mention of others . Now while this doesn’t seem important as we grown up and develop in to adulthood I believe we carry Bible stories in the back of our mind along with the fairy tales of our childhood. It wouldn’t have taken much to put ” Their first two children where called …..”

It doesn’t take us long to realise that the version fed to us along with our cookies and milk doesn’t always make sense. That while Noah’s Ark being all pretty may look nice- its not really practical – its not big enough for a start. Where are pictures of all the not so pretty animals- where are the Dinosaurs???



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