The week so far.

Haven’t really blogged that much the last week , just to busy I suppose . Well feed back I got from college regarding my CBT module was good , so I must understand it better that I thought. Looks like I’m on track. More feed back on my ethics module tomorrow night I will be a happy bunny if its as positive. Although this is part of my coursework its not marked properly until its all handed in in December. No crosses through my reference so that’s good its amazing how many marks you can lose if you get that wrong. ANd I got it so wrong in the beginning.

My eldest son had his pre-op assessment today . So surgery is planned for Wednesday 15th November so I would so appreciated prayers for that time. This is an ear operation , he had it done about 3 years ago and it didn’t work so I’m praying it does this time.

Getting a lesson together for Sunday at youth fellowship, not only is it Rememberance day its also world wide prayer day for the persecuted church so my talk is on that . I hope in the future God has a place for me working to help those persecuted but that is up to him.


One thought on “The week so far.

  1. Grow where you are planted. You’ll find your niche, or rather He will!

    Of course we’ll pray for your son’s op, and we’ll pray for you too. Children having surgery is a worrying prospect isn’t it?

    hugs to you

    M x x x

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