College. A rant


There its meant to help. I got my feed back last night for my ethics module . And on the whole it was good but we now have a different tutor come along and tell me ( and most of the class) to do the referencing differently. My first module I admit to making a right pigs ear of it but in the middle of the second module I was assured by my tutors that I had got it. So how come when last module i had cracked it this module I haven’t. Problem one is he wants me to put the authors surname in capitals and I was told off for putting page numbers in the reference list as well as in the body of the text .Last module I was told off for not putting them in. I said to my tutor that if I had off been told to draw pink bunnies at the end I would have and I was fed up being told different things by different people. I mean I left school at 17 with nothing and I expect those teaching to know what is meant to be done because I certainly don’t.
Also when we went back this year we were late going back as they had knocked down our block and hadn’t sorted out provision for where the evening class would be when in fact they ave loads of free classrooms at night. so that means the day class( and every other uni/college doing this course) have had an extra 2 weeks to prepare their work. Which means that we hand in our course work the same week as our exam and case study and presentation where as they have another 2 weeks for their course work. It works like this every-week we have journal to do at the end of the module we have to hand in 10 plus one summation but because we started late we have only 10 weeks to do all this work whereas they have 12 doesn’t seem like much but it means they can finished it early and commit to the exam , case study and presentation the last 2 weeks. Also we thought the case study and presentation was due in on the 14th December – no we have been told last night it has to be done for the 23rd November which is in 2 weeks, we had counted the right number of classes not realising the college and university where counting the 2 weeks we weren’t there- hello lets get real here I haven’t a chance.

Oh and the college is on strike next week , luckily out Thursday tutor isnt in the union and we are going to our local Library to get notes on our presentation – hardly ideal glad we are a small class or we would be getting threw out. I feel my sense of humour fading fast


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