Well I have been busy the last couple of days, getting caught up on college work, trying to get caught up on house work. The last week I have been getting up and making a list of what I need to do and some things that well the world wouldn’t end if I didn’t but it would be nice to do. Not necessarily big things but chores that often get neglected because they arent really urgent. If anything doesn’t get done it’s carried through to the next day, the result is I am up to date on my ironing which is unheard off and areas of the house are beginning to look tidier.

My eldest son went into hospital yesterday for an ear operation, he had it done 3 years ago and it didn’t work. It’s amazing the comfort it is to know so many people in real life and on line have been praying. It’s a relief to get it over and I’m so thankful to God that he was fine after, last time he was so sick and ended up in hospital for 4 days. My youngest seems out of sorts today; he went for his pre school assessment but wasn’t allowed his booster shot as his tonsils are inflamed, so we go back in 2 weeks. I was actually glad as I feel a bit emotional at the moment and don’t know whether I could have dealt with his little sad face and droopy lip- he hates needles something he does have to put up with regularly because of his blood condition.



I received a book in the post today and it’s not a counselling one- hooray. Not sure who recommended it too me- already glanced through it and think I’ll like it so thank you to whoever it was, I had it on my wish list for a while. Its A woman after Gods own Heart by Elizabeth George and I’m hoping to read a little in bed each night , I have been finding it hard to get to sleep even though I am so tired I think all the techy books leave my mind racing ahead.

Tomorrow I start my self appraisal its to be handed in on the 23rd November which happily is not the date everything else has to be handed in that is the 14th December after the confusion of Thursday night its good to know that I have a few extra weeks- no time for complacency though.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Morning sweertheart!!
    I love that book and have it in my library!! In fact anything by her is awesome….

    I hope you *guys* are well and look forward to chatting more to you soon!!

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