My weekend- another busy one

Such a busy weekend. Our Church where having a Christmas sale and all the church organisations ran different things. My youth fellowship ran games for the younger kids up in the youth room , the book stall and we had one of those boards outside that someone puts their head through and people throw wet sponges at them. 2 leaders volunteered , I was wise and stayed out front taking money . It well really well and our young people worked so hard from setting up on Friday night to tidying up after.

Saturday Night and my husband and I had been talked in to going to a table quiz- our team did so well – second last lol. Oh well it was fun anyway. I won a raffle which is a first- a bottle of wine- seeing as I rarely drink my husband took it.

Sunday church was great it was our 10 o’clock praise service and they had some new songs which I really liked, take a while to learn but it was good to sing something fresh and new. Some how in a moment of madness I had agreed to help out with the childrens talk using the puppets. Since when does saying yes to doing one sunday make it a life long committment- apparantly Im now on the puppet team. Went well except one of the others got lost in her lines and made up something- Help there was me lost to but if he happens again I will just ad lib.

Connect our youth fellowship went well we used one of the Ham videos. It was one of the leaders last night, shes away on holidays for 2 weeks and then after Christmas heads off to Kent for a new job . So if anyone comes across an Irish social worker be extra nice to her.It took a while for us to get used to working together but Im going to miss her so much.

Found a blog which I like so ‘ll be checking it out again

Learning for a life time


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