Panto Time

I had a bit of a shock on Sunday , a friend at church as I was leaving said” see you tomorrow night” Ah whats on tomorrow night. Mother Union outing for dinner and the panto- Ah that . Am I the only one to do this . I was asked about 6 weeks ago and promptly forgot. Things have been busy lately but I do have a diary , I must admit Im not very good at using it.

I was given the chance not to go and admit to being tempted but decided no i should make the effort. So glad I did not only was it a lovely meal and the panto great I got the chance to chat with some of our older members that I hadnt seen for a while. I feel very comfortable around older folk and I gues this will continue until one day I look in the mirror and realise that I am the same. One weathered face looking back at another. I pray that i have as much of Gods grace in me as some when I do.

I dont think anyone is too old for panto and we turned up and found that our GB where there as well. It was Little red Riding Hood and really good except I really hate those smoky bangs they used for the baddie to appear no matter how I prepare myself they always scare the living daylights out of me.



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