What a day. It was our Sunday School Christmas Service which is always lovely, I was asked if I could help get the little ones ready as their is about 20 of them and not much time between a quick practice and the service. I have been through the safe guarding trust which all church members working with our youth have to go through, part of the churches growing awarness for child safety. I think Churches took a while to catch up on the rest of the population but most friends who belong to different denominations have something similar .

Ds2 was meant to be a shepherd but after the sheep last which he wouldnt do and still says hes doesnt like sheep I didnt hold my breath. I just dont get it loves dressing up , loves Church, did it in Nursery school on Friday and was a lovely King but wont do it in Church.

So I arrives early in Church the kids where having a little practice, couldnt find Ross everyone said he was about a minute ago but no sign. Found him him tearful under a pew so that is that I have told him he never has to dress up in church and hes happy with that.


The service was lovely the kids where really good but I did learn quickly not to close your eyes during prayers when surrounded by 2o pre school kids. 2 started fighting over a sheep unfortunaly there was a little boy in it at the time . One had grabbed his ears- luckily the sheeps not his own and anothe had grabbed the tail – great fun.

It was our carol service in the evening which was lovely, something very spiritual about going into the church by candle light. I tool Ds2 for the first as Ds1 was doing the presentation and Dh was doing the sound. He was so good i think memorised by the candles and then played quietly with my friends little 18mth son. Ds2 loves wee ones and id so good with them but this little boy is his favourite and it seems to be mutual – very cute.

Then after it was Connect the youth fellowship Christmas party – I can not believe how much food they ate I had got a mixture of chinese and pizza. I had also bought a cake , someone decided to brings buns and some one else had brought sweets- there was very little waste.

We had asked them what then wanted to do and they had picked some silly games . Pass the parcel and tying a ballon on their ankles the last one with a balloon the winner- never to old for a bit of fun. I was near sick after all that food they had a competition to see who could fit the most mallows in their mouths- gross.

A great day but glad its not like that every week. Not enough quiet to concentrate on God – looking forward to next week going to try and go to communion on Christmas Eve at 11.30.


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