These are some of those who I am praying for at the moment

For Anna the daughter of a dear friend who was rushed onto hospital last night with a suspected appendicitis. I pray the Doctors get to the bottom of her pain and are able to treat her quickly .

Denise a member of my Church who trust and reliance on God is a lesson for us all. She has stomach cancer. I pray for healing and for her strength in you to grow .

Alec a friend of my close neighbour who is a valuable prayer support- Alec has stomach cancer as well. For healing and for his treatment to begin soon.

For my church and my Rector as he looks for the right person to fill the role of curate.

For my friend Heathers Mum who’s failing health and confusion is a great worry and concern. Guidance to know how best to support her Mother who is reluctant to accept help.

And as ever for my family in Australia as they continue to suffer a messy breakdown of family life

Trusting in the Lord My Saviour


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