Isn’t it weird the way things happen only yesterday I wrote in response to someone asking how do we pray about the loss of a child?

“For me this is one of the hardest things to accept as a Christian is the loss of a child. I think its important to remember that God does not want this or is the one who ‘takes’ the child – rather it is Satan’s handiwork and all we can do is ask God to reach out and comfort those who are left behind. He does this with a heavy heart and I think it’s important to remember the pain we feel, the tears we share are shared by him 10 fold and more.”

And I do believe it but still today I find myself receiving awful news. My dear nephew Scott in Australia has lost his best friend, they where out together and his friend Shaun was hit by a car. He suffered terrible injuries and was pronounced brain dead. His brave family have donated his organs so that some good can come out of this terrible tragedy. Scott was present when then turned off life support the bond between these too young lads recognised by both families. If I could what would I say to his Mum. As a mum myself I have cried for a young man who I didn’t know but still feel the pain of another human being hurting. And still if a could what would I say to his poor Mum- I don’t know?

Lord God, you gave Shaun to his loving family and friends for such a short time. His life had so much promise with his future before him. His life cut short but by the death and resurrection of your Son we are redeemed. Make Shaun worthy to share the joys of paradise. Grant him full life in Christ that he may come before you in glory. Comfort those who he has left behind, may they find comfort in you grace. Amen.


3 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. Amen. I am sorry for what you might be going through. It truly is extremely painful, when children, the very joy of life are taken away.

    Take strength in our Lord’s mighty arms.

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