Well Tuesday 9th January saw me  sitting My CBT module exam. Mmmm some Im pleased with and some I made a real  pigs ear out of it . Hopefully I will have managed to pass As I feel quite confident about my course work .  I have found this module the hardest yet.

I hope to find out provisionally next week at my pre placement interview next week. Dont know when I  find out the results of my Ethics module but actually more confident of that one.

So no college till the end of the month which gives me two weeks to concentrate on actually finding a placement and I have a couple of books that where not on my reading list but are geared to Christian counselling that I want to read. But if I pass this Im so meant to keep going  wouldnt you think.


One thought on “College

  1. Praying that you find a placement easily and that you are placed somewhere that you can put your Christian talents to good use.


    M x x x

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