This week so far………..

Ds2 has been of school this week , a bad cold with a high temperature and vomiting- think hes well for nursery tomorrow. Which is good as I have a interview in a Doctors practice for a placement.

Managed to get to the hairdressers today thought I’d lose the haressed Mummy look for a while – you never know it may help.  Bought a pair of trousers and a top out of Sainburys – they have some nice things in at the minute -reasonable too. Finished my CV and filled in the necessary forms to join the BACP. Just need to get my sponsor and a referee to fill in their section and thats one step to becoming a counsellor.

Good news on the knitting front- or should that be back? I have completed the back and left side and  should get thr right side finished tonight – I may even get the collar done – hows that for someone who hasnt knit for ages.


2 thoughts on “This week so far………..

  1. i hope it all goes well for you tomorrow hun.

    i wont be joining in with this knitting craze…i can’t, really can’t, knit at all.

    sorry no capitals…i’ve got the phone on hold in the other hand…my tesco shopping didn’t turn up…bother.

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