I love it when the postman brings something other than junk mail and bills- today it was books from Amazon Dh ordered for me.

The trainee Handbook- A guide for counselling and Psychothrapy trainees and Anger management for dummies- exciting stuff .

College is as confusing as ever went in last night to find the tutor I expected not there and my old Tutor from the OCR course covering- he left to go and work in Africa and live in a mud hut- I kid not

well anyway hes back and might be coming back for good which is great but I would like to know where our other tutor is too- another lovely man who took us for ethics last term which I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from .

I do find iit unsettling to not know who is going to teach us and the result is Im in to my second week back and have no real teaching as yet other than the specs for the modules and our book lists- very frustrating.


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