Well good news I have a placement.
Its in the Doctors practice which Im really pleased about – the Doctor rang yesterday lunchtime and we will arrange details next week .She is going to mentor me and I think I will get on well with her.
So I have a supervision counsellor to find, I need a session for every 5 clients I see- that is every 5 hours of counselling I do which is about £30 each go. I must get my BACP forms finished and sent off and my insurance to pay. A lot of money but I guess if God had sorted me this far he will have that covered too

Im one happy bunny – a little bit scared but I`ll cope. Please pray for the 3 in my class that havent got placements yet – they need to be up and running in 5 weeks.
The saga of who is going to tutor us for our intergrated module continues- funny it has changed a few times and each time someone says oh good and someone else says Oh no – Im really lucky I don’t mind.


3 thoughts on “College

  1. Praying Gil, I’m sure it will all work out, but I wholly understand your trepidation. It’s funny, you always think that despite all the preparation you’ve been doing in the classroom and with all the assignments, you’ll never be able to do it for real. But in reality, the thrill of having a few clients, being able to interact with them in a positive way is just wonderful. One day you’ll look back at it all and wonder why you ever thought it was such a scary proposition!

    Lots of love and hugs

    M x x x x

  2. I’m so happy for you Gil ~ you’ll be ok, really (more than ok!)

    I have some stuff I can send you ~ contract agreements, leaflets etc. if you want to look at some templates to help you. I can send them next week when I’m back at work if you like 🙂

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