Well things have been moving on, Firstly got the results of my ethics modules and I did really best best marks yet of should I say ever , never in my life did I get a mark in the 80’s. For all you clever clogs out there it may not be a big did but for someone who scraped through 1 o’level it means a lot.

So I have my BACP form finished, insurance in place , in the middle of sorting out my training supervisor and my first client lined out. Got the referral today so just have to ring and arrange an appointment- can say no more about it but God is contining to look after me.

One person still to get a placement and one has a placement which will only cover the first 25 hours please continue to pray for them they have worked hard to get to this stage.

New member in our class, some one had to drop out at this point last year and has joined us, seems lovely . Please pray that she will be able to finish with us.

One good thing about placement is that we only have to attend every other week on a thursday for our placement module. Tuesdays remain the same , this time its intergrative but no PLRS Praise God- sadly we dont get away lightly we have case studies and exams instead.


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