Spring is here ????

Well it was yesterday anyway. I was reading a blog Petticoat lane and Amy seemed pleased it was Autumn – Well on this side of the world its coming in to spring or at least it should be .

Autumn is my fav time of year, I actually have a few good childhoods memories of my Nanny and Grandad together with Autumn. But even I was glad yesterday to see signs of spring . I watched for ages as thrush gathered nesting materials. Eventually I had to go out and disturb it as it became rather determined to untangle a rather long piece of string that was attached to a shrub and visions of it getting tangled came into my head- I think tomorrow I will put out some short pieces of wool and see if it likes that .

I’m so pleased to see thrushes returning to the garden for the second year , two years ago my cat killed one and then proceed to empty the nest of chicks – I love my cat but boy do I hate that. I have asked her nicely to leave them alone this year. I have no doubt that she understood me but as most cat slaves will agree little hope that she will not at least try to get it.

Tara- Butter wouldn’t melt

Any way although Autumn is my favourite time of year , I don’t think its good that things remain the same , its good to experience change even if its scary. There’s a time for everything which brings me to my friend’s Suzy and her blog and a very nice entry based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 . You can find it here at Diurnata

Today the weather laughed at me it was cold and wet and just to make things worse we had a power cut – it wasn’t stormy but by the time it came back on I was grateful that all I had to do was flick a switch for the heating to kick into gear. How blessed we are to be living in a place that water is on tap , heat at the flick of a switch and a fridge full of food.

So many people struggled without the bare essentials that we totally take for granted.

Christ our Lord,
your light shines into the shadows,
and shows us
where the obstacles to change lie.
We know that often
they are in our own hearts,
in the way we live,
and in our daily choices and actions.

We pray that we may accept
the light of your love
as a challenge to change
ourselves and our world.

We pray that, each day,
we make the choices and
take the actions
that will bring an end to poverty and hunger,
and lead us all
towards a fairer world.

Be with us, Lord,
as we face your challenge
and learn how to live
our lives in love.


© Linda Jones


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