If I was ……………


If I was …… something else I truly think I would have been born a snail. Everything they need is in their little shell and the first sign of trouble they duck their little heads in and are able to just ignore what is going in around them . Sometimes though I think they wish they were just a little bit braver and able to hold their little horns up and say “ Hey what about me”.



I’m like that I don’t tend to enjoy being the centre of attention but just sometimes I wish I could sort of be a bit braver and tell people when my feelings get hurt . And that is where I am at the moment , my feelings have been hurt , I don’t seem to fit into the equation of being important or noticed so instead I have gone into silent mode or like an ostrich hiding my head in the sand except I recently found out that they don’t actually do that . Strange isn’t it how we get an idea about a person or thing and it ends up being totally untrue . I have been told by some people that I come across quite confident when I’m anything but confident . I’m at the point that I am going to have to face this particular problem – only thing is my shell seems safer.


What do people think about you that isn’t true?


4 thoughts on “If I was ……………

  1. I have enjoyed catching up with you today…

    What do people think about me that isn’t true?

    That I’m in control and efficient. Ok, so that is how I am at work, otherwise, I’m a complete disorganised, scatty airhead who can’t even remember people’s names half the time!

    Don’t stay too long inside that little shell of yours, hon 😉

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