This week

This week has been such an emotional one that I havent really blogged other than copying things in. Felt a bit helpless and this hasn’t been helped by the dreaded Vertigo surfacing. It was so bad on Thursday my Dh wouldn’t let me drive to college and I had to go in especially since I have supervision next week so cant go then. Anyway he drove me and when I came out I phoned for a lift. Dd answered and said he was on our other house phone and I told her to pass on the message – anyway I ended up waiting ages as he finished his call not realising I was actually out and then on the way home he flew round the roundabouts  not realising the effect it was having on me I was so sure I was going to be sick – warned him coming up to the next roundabout and he did slow down but laughed – I should have put him in the stocks .

Counselling is going well but looking forward to seeing my supervisor I do feel anxious about the cost it could end up costing me £35 a week – eek but I really need to focus on who is in control here- God has brought me this far for a reason Im sure he has it all covered.

My poor Sis is still suffering with regards to her son and his behaviour . its breaking her heart. So many teens out there have no one to care for them and I know that she has bent over backwards for him to have it thrown back in her face – please pray for her whole family .

Praying also needed for my family in Australia for the children and the impending court cases which there seems no end.

For my friend C for complete healing , for Denise, Alec and Anne’s family

Posting a new poem on Poohs poetry corner   and am trying to put a new winnie story on but that may take time

Went to see Dd’s teachers on Monday and although she is doing OK they all said she could try harder but she’s at that age I think were scraping through seems enough for her. But she has decided to do her Grade 3 Ballet exam so that’s good.


2 thoughts on “This week

  1. I guess its a bit like being sea sick while on dry land- lol
    The worst bit is when your lying in bed and you feel the room moving- best thing to do is move slowly and not fly round roundabouts

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