Ok things aren’t good here , I went a walk on Friday afternoon in an attempt to start doing a little exercise. The next day my back was sorer than usual but OK . Sunday I woke up in real pain feels like it’s the disc- this is something that I have had often in the past . My 3 lower discs are damaged and I need to be careful – considered an operation about 6 years ago but decided against it and have never really regretted it – I have heard of a couple of people who have done the surgery route and wish they hadn’t. Unfortunately with it being the weekend and today the St patricks day bank holiday I cant get any meds till tomorrow. The good news is I can get something for my vertigo at the same time.

Sadly I didn’t get to church or to Youth fellowship, lucky another adult was going tonight anyway so it didn’t need to be cancelled. However needs must- there was uniforms to be ironed ( the rest will have to wait) and I played some wonderful praise music while I did that. I had prepared Sunday dinner the night before as my MIL was coming for Lunch seeing as it was Mothering Sunday and My Dh cleared up for me afterwards. Isn’t it great the way God prepares you even if you don’t know what is round the corner.

So I actually got to rest most of the afternoon which I probably wouldn’t have done normally , my thoughts were with the little girl who’s Mum was buried on Wednesday . Poor little mite no age is a good age to lose a loving Mother but 10 seems so hard.


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