This week

Well I haven’t had anything interesting going on this week. Problems with my back mean’t I didn’t get out and about much and apart from my lack of anything to say ( which has never stopped me in the past) I wasnt really able to spend as much time at my pc.

Finally got to the Doctor and got some serious pain relief which meant I have had a couple of reasonable nights- unfortunately due to driving commitments i.e. the good old school runs and taxis service that I provide for my teens I am unable to take them during the day but I’m a great believer that is you get a good nights sleep you can cope with most things during the day- I certainly found this to be true when my kids where little – dealing with a crying baby during the day was only bearably with some sleep .

I managed to go to college on Tuesday night arranged late only to find that our tutor was leaving early as they has a course to attend for Cruse – I was not a happy bunny I mean he was there for an hour and with me being late I went to all that hassle for 40 minutes but more importantly I could have taken my meds  3 hours earlier. I mean isn’t this why they have our e-mails so they can let us know? Also we only have to go every other Thursday this term so I arranged supervision for this Thursday only to find out that they decided to bring us in to college this week  because Easter is coming up so practically  no college this week .

Anyway I went to my supervision last night. For those who dont know Im coming to the end of my 2nd year  of three doing  a Dip He in counselling  I think its possible to add another year on  but at the moment no way with doing the OCR Im already in my 3rd year . I need 150 counselling hours to qualify so began a couple of weeks ago in a Doctors practice – sadly not a proper counselling placement but its working out OK. The worse thing is not having the extra backup I would get if I was working in an agency- Anyway every 5 hours we do we have to see a counselling supervisor which I have the privilege of paying £ 35 a hour for. And as we are not meant to change them without agreement from out course co-ordinator its important to choose wisely.

So supervision went well and I am sure that I will learn heaps from mine and get on well with her. She’s well qualified being an Bacp accredited counsellor and an accredited supervisor and in this country they are few and far between and also  a member of the Iacp. It was good to check in what I was doing with my clients and get some valuable advise and suggestions.


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