Hiding from depression

I guess one of the problem’s with counselling if a client presents a problem which is real to you , something that has happened to you in the past and maybe you haven’t dealt with it completely and you start looking at their issue from your perspective.

Anyway its no secret that I have suffered from depression in the past and even when I have been well it has hung over me like a black shadow waiting to descend. I have shared how my friends prayed for me recently with regards to my back and that has been great – thank you Jesus . But I have also been ‘well’ its as if the black shadow has gone completely – I’m not waiting for it to descend .

Anyway back to the counselling something was said to me recently which brought back a memory of my own depression of when I was truly lost to it . How I wanted to call out for someone to see my misery and yet being afraid that people would actually see in me my despair -wanting help but been afraid that people would then see me as a depressed person- does that make sense I hope it does – anyway I dealt with these feelings evoked and wrote an entry on Poohs poetry corner called I am here


3 thoughts on “Hiding from depression

  1. My dears sister and friend ((( hugs )))

    Isn’t it awesome how God does healing in our lives! He was always with you and am so blessed for you. Sharing this has helped me too…Love you hun, May God grant you complete and whole restoration in your life. The poem touched me deeply…Bless you.

  2. That is one powerful poem…Having never suffered from what I would consider clinical depression, I can’t completely relate to how you have felt in the past, so I won’t try to say I totally understand. I have only felt something mildly akin to your experience, and I know I don’t want to be there again. I’m glad that you feel your cloud has left you, and I will pray that it never returns, and that you feel your strength grow tangibly within you day by day. You’re doing a grand job honey, keep it up.

    Huge hugs

    M x x x

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