My week

I haven’t really blogged properly for a while and said what I’m up to in a while.Here is a quick update

Connect – youth fellowship is going well. we had a treasure hut with cars on Sunday night finished off with a BBQ- Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves – my team won – I hadn’t a clue what they were up to and just followed instructions of where they thought we should go – I must admit after driving round the town/city at least six times I was beginning to wonder and trying to convince a 15 year that no I couldn’t drive up a one way street in the hope that as its Sunday no-ones about to notice – Mural is looking really good I’ll post a picture when its finished.

College is going much the same its a struggle to get my hours in – I meet with my tutors last night to be told its do able but that if I dont I can not progress to year 3 ( baring in mind this is really year 3 for me because of the other course I did ) the thought of adding another year on feels me with dread- most of the class are in the same boat with about 3 doing well and the rest seriously lacking in hours – exams and assignments loom and I wonder do I have a clue to what Im meant to be doing- probably not if I’m honest but hey that hasn’t stopped me getting this far.

This week has seen 2 of my kids off sick on different days. My other son is never sick only missing 2 weeks off school since he began high school due to an operation. Sad news one of our rabbits died expectantly yesterday – it was the one my 4 year had named Bunny and we where really upset-well except Dh and Ds1 who aren’t really bunny people . We kept the other one in the house last night Ds2 said she looked sad and this morning I heard him ask if she wanted to  die and be with her sister – how sad is that. We did some rabbit drawings and he put a happy face on bunny because she was in heaven and a sad one on pepper- I made a mistake though and buried her when he was at nursery and with hindsight should have waited as he wanted to see her and no I didnt exhume the body


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