Tara 0-Me 1

Well as you know bunny died on Thursday and Im relieved to say that Pepper appears well-a bit down and depressed I think but ok – We left her out in her hutch last night and she seems happier – may bring her in this afternoon for a little run around. I also said no more pets well we have another animal – even if its temporary

Yesterday I was so tired I thought I would lie down on settee for 5 minutes- just drifting off when I heard someone – turned out to be Ds2 shouting Tara has a bird- oh no – but really didn’t move and then – Tara has a canary . that moved me I raced outside just in time Tara pounced and do did I – The bird flew up Tara gave it a swipe and as it landed I got it- what the neighbours must of thought

Turns out its a yellow Budgie – I put it in a fish tank – empty of course that Ds1 used to keep his stick insects in with mesh wire over the top. DD called in at someone we know who keeps Budgies – wasn’t theirs but they gave us some food . Poor wee thing was completely exhausted but after a good nights rest some food and a bath this mornings seems fine.

If no-one turns up for it , we will keep it I think I kept one of my cages from when we had birds before. I gave my cockatiel cage to my Sil a couple of years ago because she found a canary in her garden. But there should be a Budgie cage or too.

Definately NO MORE PETS


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