A mouse in the house

Did I say we had mice again? A little brazen mouse stared my Husband out the other night . So I hunted out the mouse trap- don’t panic I’m an animal lover – this trap catches them live. Came home from Connect and Dh said it had caught it . Where is it I asked? He had kindly let it out in our garden in front of the cat – eek . Lucky she didn’t get it but somehow I dont think he was listening to me on the importance of taking them far far away- at least 1-2 mile.

So today I have another caught mouse – probably the same one . And no we are not keeping it as a pet. This one is going on a road trip.

Birdie has settled in really well and is chirping away this morning


3 thoughts on “A mouse in the house

  1. ds2 brought home a grass snake from school in his lunch box! I asked him how did he know it wasn’t an adder as I could see a V on its head and he said “because it bit me and I’m still alive”! Er, right. It started to look a little lethargic and not well so I persuaded him to take it out to a woodland area and let it go.
    Not the best pet to bring home from school! Oh, and this morning on the drive to school I asked him if he had washed his lunch box out before putting todays lunch in there? You guesed it, no chance!

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