Ds2 Birthday party

Today was a big day Ds2 5th birthday party – well he’s not actually 5 till the 8th July but what with school ending , people heading of on holiday it seemed the best time to have it. His best friend is 5 a few days later so I asked his Mum did she want to share it – again seemed a good idea sseing as we would both be inviting the same kids . We did get a bit carried away with food – neither of us doing a good job of keeping to our lists – we both brought extra – just in case – I booked a hall with a bouncy castle and all the kids had a great time – Was so glad when it was over 26 kids and a migraine is not a great combination. Bit sad too as the kids are moving up to P1 next year and in different classes- which reminds me – Thursday was his last day as nursery and as I expected I was feeling a bit emotional – did well till his teacher hugged him and said she didn’t know what she would do without him as she had had him for 2 years – looked at me with watery eyes which led to me having to cut and run quickly before I joined her


Fridays Feast

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How many pieces of jewellery do you wear most days?

wedding ring, eternity ring , blackstone ring – all of which are truly welded to my fingers, nose stud and 2 pairs of earings

What is your favourite instrumental song?

Pachelbel’s canon in D major (midi)

truly beautiful

Who has a last name that you like?

Main Course
Name a popular movie you’ve never seen.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Fill in the blank: Nothing makes me feel better and guilty at the same time like Chocolate


Ok for the last two years I have said exactly the same thing- over the summer I am going to visit other Church’s . My Church appear to grind to a complete standstill over the summer – that’s not exactly true the tradition remains- things we say because we always have -not necessarily because of scripture or sometimes just because we have. We recite something I actually call Tedious- at present cant remember its real name . How awful is that-

It does nothing to bring me closer to God – God is light , refreshing , he lifts me – for me this is anything but- I do listen to quiet music at times – bless the Lord -Taize is something that really helps to bring about a sense of peace before I spend time quietly with God

Bless the Lord, my soul, and bless God’s holy name.

Bless the Lord, my soul, who leads me into life.

I love spending time with God quietly often inside my head , recently the psalms have come to mean so much more to me – just don’t ask me to sing them to music written 200 years ago – its like it puts a barrier between me and the words- between me and God. I know so many feel the same away with regards to how I feel to a more modern service – the thought of having to sit through what I enjoy a complete nightmare. Why it doesn’t work for me I don’t know .

So why do I hesitate – because I’m afraid – afraid that if I visit a Church that I find is rich and diverse I will find it so much harder to go back – that maybe 2 weeks in the month is not enough – the possible difficulties with my Dh who was brought up in a similar Church to the one we attend and my friends in Church- the fact we are so involved in things – the sound system , youth fellowship . Also if everyone who feels like I do and there is many – twice a month we have over 200 people coming to our 10`clock service many new members- what happens – change? no everything remains the same – I don’t believe that those great Ministers of past – who thought that they were bringing the gospel in a fresh way expected us to be doing it the same way hundred of years later- I think they are slowly turning in their graves- so too speak- I want to be respectful to Our Father but to talk to him almost as my best and most faithful friend and I certainly don’t thee and thou them
I`ll probaly copy and paste this  next year.

5 things I dig about Jesus

Just realised I have been tagged by my dear friend Susan to do John’s meme, so here goes …I have to write 5 things I love about our Lord Jesus –

  1. Even before I knew his name , he loved me completely unconditionally- no one else will ever love me so completely.
  2. He is the perfect parent, he wants what’s best for me – that means I don’t always get what I want -when I want it but when I need it.
  3. When I turn away from him or hide my head in shame , he never leaves- quietly waiting in the side lines until I’m ready.
  4. Total forgiveness, no matter how often I let him down , a new and fresh beginning always waiting . He offers the same priceless gift to anyone willing to accept it -be they rich and famous, down and out – we are all equal in his sight.
  5. He knows me so well better than I know myself, he strengths my weaknesses and encourages me as a wife and mother and also as his daughter by placing in my life those who encourage me , and by scripture and prayer.

who to tag let me see Mmmm

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Fridays Feast

Name a funny habit you have.

don’t think I have any funny ones – must ask Dh – I do bite my lip but its hardly funny

If you could instantly know how to play a musical instrument, which one would you pick?

Saxophone I love it – gives me goose bumps on my arms

How long is your hair?

Just past my shoulders, I have been growing since i had my son five years ago – I was losing it in handfuls and completely lost it one day and cut of my p0ny tail – very slow growing it back

Main Course
When was the last time you forgave someone, and who was it?

I guess the workmen who where making a right dogs dinner of my house – all fixed now but i don’t think I will employ them again so maybe need to work on the forgiveness a bit

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

smoothie maker at the moment

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