I guess Im in a different stage of my life at the moment – although Ds2 is only coming 5 after staying at home for 15 years I am on the verge of launching myself so be it reluctantly on the work force – I don’t intend to work full-time my children still need me but yes change is on the horizon.

The problem is I don’t like change even if I am in a uncomfortable situation I get used to it and loathe pulling myself out of it. At the moment I find myself in a dilemma- is it time to let go or should I do my best to keeping it going- its hard to know if you should hold on to people experiences and happenings or not. Is it time to move on?

“In a cat’s eyes, all things belong to cats.” – English Proverb


2 thoughts on “rambles

  1. “In a cat’s eyes, all things belong to cats.”

    that is so true 🙂

    I find change hard too, though it was harder having my middle child going to school than the last one. I guess she was more than ready to go.

    I know I finished the degree a year ago, and I’ve not made much of a effort to get a job yet. I think what is putting me off is the thought of 4 hours a day travel again.

  2. I’m also not looking forward to going back to work. It’s not made any easier by the thought that I will have to find work as something other than I’ve trained for. Change is always hard, but us humans are resilient, we always manage it in the end.

    Hugs honey.

    M x x x

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