5 things I dig about Jesus

Just realised I have been tagged by my dear friend Susan to do John’s meme, so here goes …I have to write 5 things I love about our Lord Jesus –

  1. Even before I knew his name , he loved me completely unconditionally- no one else will ever love me so completely.
  2. He is the perfect parent, he wants what’s best for me – that means I don’t always get what I want -when I want it but when I need it.
  3. When I turn away from him or hide my head in shame , he never leaves- quietly waiting in the side lines until I’m ready.
  4. Total forgiveness, no matter how often I let him down , a new and fresh beginning always waiting . He offers the same priceless gift to anyone willing to accept it -be they rich and famous, down and out – we are all equal in his sight.
  5. He knows me so well better than I know myself, he strengths my weaknesses and encourages me as a wife and mother and also as his daughter by placing in my life those who encourage me , and by scripture and prayer.

who to tag let me see Mmmm

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