Open Doors

… we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.
– Hebrews 10.39 (NIV-UK)

Dear Christian Friends

On 16 July, family members of Egyptian Muslim-background believer Shaymaa (Eman) Muhammad al-Sayed, aged 26, openly threatened to kill her for becoming a Christian.

She was taken into ‘protective custody’ by local police but instead of protecting Eman, police threatened her, gave her electrical shocks, beat her and photographed her in the nude.

On Monday (23 July), they handed her over to her fanatical Muslim family, who dragged her screaming from the police station and beat her severely before driving her away.

After Eman’s family learned of her conversion to Christianity in January 2003, they had abused her in attempts to force her to return to Islam and marry a cousin who is active in a violent Islamist movement.

In spite of repeated requests however, Eman was unable to obtain any restraining order to secure her personal safety, and although fully aware of the family’s threats to kill her, police failed to require her family to sign any guarantee that she would not be harmed.

You can read more details on our website.

Please pray for Eman with us that she will:

• Be healed of the physical and psychological trauma she has experienced

• Receive grace to forgive her relatives and not to “shrink back” in her faith

• Know the vibrant presence of Jesus in a strengthening and comforting way during this time

• Be protected by the Lord and led to a place of safety.

Thank you for praying with us.

Every blessing

Communications Team


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