Friday Feast



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Who is the easiest person for you to talk to?

God -listens everytime , cares completely, and gives great advise

If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose?

Love reading about Egypt so maybe there ,but knowing my luck I would be one of the little slaves building the pyramids – so maybe not

What is the most exciting event you’ve ever witnessed?

The birth of my children I still think its the most amazing thing , bringing life into the world – Gods amazing

Main Course
If you were a celebrity, what would you do for a publicity stunt?

Not a celeb fan here I find then do tend to get right up my nose- far more important things going on in there world than watching their petty childish games

What do you consider the ideal age to have a first child?

Not sure there is one I had my first at 25, second 27 and my last little blessing at 36- true I was fitter for the first 2 but heaps more patience for my last.


its over

Another lovely breakfast and it was time to pack up and vacant the room by 11 0`clock. Headed into Daventry and although it was a back holiday there where a few shops open and more importantly a lovely coffee shop . Wasn’t long before it was time to head back to the hotel as Susan’s hubby was coming to pick her and Laura up. Farewells are never nice but made easier than last year – it seemed like a once off then but now we know we will do it again.

Then it was the journey home , stopped of at Hannah s for some a cup of tea and then the airport – Sad for it to be over but pleased to be home and to see the kids. Ds2 near mugged me in the car looking for his present – not sure Ds1 noticed I had gone- typical 15 year old but I do think Dd was glad to see me home for myself – well more so after I had given her the pumps I had bought in a sale in Daventry.

Althorpe House

Today we went to Althorp House , birth place and resting place of Princess Diana. Even after 10 years this coming weekend most people can remember where they where when they heard the awful news. I remember getting up and turning on the TV to hear the news and thinking oh someone`s died it must be the Queen mum. The shock and upset of realising the truth- spending the day in my pink dressing gown in tears and my 2 eldest -too young to understand being confused. Dh was in away on business in Israel . Doesnt seem that long ago.

Any way we had a lovely breakfast before we went – not normanlly one for a cooked brekie but it was lovely . The weather was gorgeous and we set off and found it easily with a little help from Suzy`s Tom Tom . Its such a beautiful place , so peaceful even with people about – we arrived just before opening time so it wasn’t too busy and by the time we where leaving it was getting more crowded so if anyone wants to go my advice is to go first thing.

I did worry that it would be a bit corny and tasteless but true to Princess Diane it was done in such a respectful and elegant way. It was a bit tearful seeing round her childhood belonging and video clips- Her wedding dress and lots of outfits that she had worn in her Royal engagements and then later charity work – very moving.

The house was beautiful and it was lovely to think that the areas we where allowed to see round are actually lived in by the family . The house is only open for a short time so once the last of the paying visitors leave its all sorted out and put back to family use. Quite funny to see in such a fabulous library among all the old and historic books a CD player and a discreet shelf of CD`S – mostly classical for the noisey like me.

Then it was of for a walk round the man made lake and final resting place of Princess Diana even with other people about it was a quiet and dignified place.

Back to the stable block where we had a light lunch sitting out in the court yard and a visit to the shop which is much more elegant than an NT shop and a lot more pricey – no cheap and nasty souvenirs here.

Once back at our hotel we spent a lovely time in the spa – a few actually swam but I sat happily in the jacuzzi being totally chilled and relaxed .

We had a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant , it was lovely been served and not worrying what the kids where going to have first and having grown-up chat and then sat in the foyer and chatted till quiet late-then we ended up in a room and chatted even later.

We get there

We got up in time and headed of to Daventry with Carrie- thanks to Hannah we got there safely and arrived at the hotel – Suzy arrived just as we were unloading our bags.

Hotel was beautiful much more modern than last year . We had a light lunch while waiting for Susan and Laura. A BIG BIG thank you to Susan’s hubby Andrew who drove them down quite a distance had a quick snack and headed off home again – What a star.- Though I believe he had a little detour to look at some trains.

Most of the others had a beauty treatment I decided against it this year and we where able to seat out in a lovely garden and natter while the therapist worked her magic- I just might be brave enough to have a massage next year – I had a manicure last year and ended up with very sore rag nails so gave that a miss.

Susan and Suzy had brought their knitting and I must remember I promised I would finish mine that I started many moons ago.

Glamorous Suzy and Susan

Time to get ready for dinner and we all dressed up a bit – I normanlly live in jeans so it was a big deal. So nice to be served in such a nice place and not have to worry about washing up .

Will post some pics when I steal them from everyone else my cameras broke and I forgot to borrow Ds1.

Thank Crunchy its Friday

Well its arrived – Thank Crunchie its Friday – if you remember the ad your showing your age. Firstly had to take kids to get their bloods checked- not a good experience poor Dd fainted and hit the ground with such a bang so I think next time it will be back to the old fashioned lying down and getting it taken out of her arm – no place to lie in the lab to get her finger pricked- course Ds2 wouldn’t let them near him then and he was always so good – but consultant decided as he was so mild that he doesn’t need his done unless he has surgery or something- Phew- Course then worried about Dd as she had really banged her head but by the time I left she was feeling somewhat better .

It meant we where so much longer so it was such a rush to get back , get some food in for the family, pack and get to the airport in time – Dh left me off which saved parking charges and as everyone arrived early we managed to take off before the time.

Such a lovely day I was able to see clearly the whole journey- I even managed to see Ravenhill – where Dh was going to watch Ireland play Rugby . First time since 1954 that they have played in Northen Ireland. Progress is slow but after some truly awful times things are improving.

My friend picked me up and we went back to her house for dinner- thanks to her lovely Dd for letting me use her pc – so funny sitting side by side talking and posting without the use of Msn. New we had to be up early so didn’t stay up to late.

Open Doors

I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
– Psalm 121:1–2 (NIV-UK)

Dear Christian Friends

Pastor Leule Gebreab of Asmara‘s Apostolic Church in Eritrea, disappeared 11 days ago and is still missing.

Since his disappearance on Sunday 12 August none of his relatives or church members has been able to learn anything about his whereabouts.

Pastor Gebreab, aged 35, is married and has two children – an 8-year old son and an infant daughter. His wife is greatly distressed about his disappearance.

Just a week after Pastor Gebreab vanished, police arrested 10 Pentecostals – four women and six men – who had gathered in a home for worship. Police accused them of illegally worshipping together.

The Eritrean government criminalised all independent Protestant churches in May 2002, closing their buildings and banning them from meeting together even in private homes.

More than 2,000 Eritrean Christians – including dozens of church leaders – remain locked up and subjected to severe torture. Some have been imprisoned in metal shipping containers which have no windows, enduring the searing heat of the desert by day and freezing cold at night.

All have been denied legal counsel or trial, with no written charges filed against them, and at least three Christians have died during the past year whilst under arrest.

You can read more details on our website.

Please pray with us that:

• The Lord will protect and strengthen Pastor Gebreab and the ten Pentecostals who were recently arrested

• Their families, friends and church members will be comforted and encouraged by the Holy Spirit

• Those who have lost breadwinners will be provided for

• The Eritrean government’s mistreatment of Christians will soon be stopped by God’s sovereign working.

Thank you for praying with us.

Every blessing

Communications Team

I was reading a discussion on crosses and crucifixes . And just to add something into the melting pot thought I would tell you about my new cross that I bought near Killarney. Those that know me wont be surprised to know I don’t like Crucifixes I prefer the risen God but hey that’s me and each to there own. However I have several crosses , a plain Gold one which my Dad bought me for my 18th even though he really doesn’t approve of them – He attends a church that doesn’t ‘do’ symbols so it meant a lot when he bought me it for me . I have a couple of metal ones and my new one is a Celtic cross its made out of pewter which just seemed to increase its timelessness. My many camping trips over the summer down south have rubbed of on me .

I love the history behind them. The many traditional stone crosses that cover the North and south of Ireland are steeped in history. The carvings often depicted Biblical stories that the Ministers would use to bring alive the Bible to a illiterate congregation- now we have power point. Some might not see the improvement.

Recently we went camping near Sligo which is yeats country – home and resting place to a famous Irish poet. The kids were not impressed when we stopped of to see his burial place .A beautiful Church of Ireland church at Drumcliff. My Dh took some photos but they have only just worked there way onto his laptop it could be many moons before I can use them- apologies I intended to link to the source of these photos but lost it.

The Celtic cross at Drum cliff . The carvings on the cross are of biblical scenes –
On the east face are Adam and Eve, David slays Goliath, Daniel in the Lions’ Den and Christ in Glory, while on the west face there is a Crucifixion.

Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by! The epitaph that Yeats wrote himself.

Round Tower which was struck by lightning in 1396. Tradition says that it will ultimately fall on the wisest man who passes it (so, if it falls on you, your wisdom will have been recognised – but too late!)

Drumcliff parish church