I was reading a discussion on crosses and crucifixes . And just to add something into the melting pot thought I would tell you about my new cross that I bought near Killarney. Those that know me wont be surprised to know I don’t like Crucifixes I prefer the risen God but hey that’s me and each to there own. However I have several crosses , a plain Gold one which my Dad bought me for my 18th even though he really doesn’t approve of them – He attends a church that doesn’t ‘do’ symbols so it meant a lot when he bought me it for me . I have a couple of metal ones and my new one is a Celtic cross its made out of pewter which just seemed to increase its timelessness. My many camping trips over the summer down south have rubbed of on me .

I love the history behind them. The many traditional stone crosses that cover the North and south of Ireland are steeped in history. The carvings often depicted Biblical stories that the Ministers would use to bring alive the Bible to a illiterate congregation- now we have power point. Some might not see the improvement.

Recently we went camping near Sligo which is yeats country – home and resting place to a famous Irish poet. The kids were not impressed when we stopped of to see his burial place .A beautiful Church of Ireland church at Drumcliff. My Dh took some photos but they have only just worked there way onto his laptop it could be many moons before I can use them- apologies I intended to link to the source of these photos but lost it.

The Celtic cross at Drum cliff . The carvings on the cross are of biblical scenes –
On the east face are Adam and Eve, David slays Goliath, Daniel in the Lions’ Den and Christ in Glory, while on the west face there is a Crucifixion.

Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by! The epitaph that Yeats wrote himself.

Round Tower which was struck by lightning in 1396. Tradition says that it will ultimately fall on the wisest man who passes it (so, if it falls on you, your wisdom will have been recognised – but too late!)

Drumcliff parish church


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