We get there

We got up in time and headed of to Daventry with Carrie- thanks to Hannah we got there safely and arrived at the hotel – Suzy arrived just as we were unloading our bags.

Hotel was beautiful much more modern than last year . We had a light lunch while waiting for Susan and Laura. A BIG BIG thank you to Susan’s hubby Andrew who drove them down quite a distance had a quick snack and headed off home again – What a star.- Though I believe he had a little detour to look at some trains.

Most of the others had a beauty treatment I decided against it this year and we where able to seat out in a lovely garden and natter while the therapist worked her magic- I just might be brave enough to have a massage next year – I had a manicure last year and ended up with very sore rag nails so gave that a miss.

Susan and Suzy had brought their knitting and I must remember I promised I would finish mine that I started many moons ago.

Glamorous Suzy and Susan

Time to get ready for dinner and we all dressed up a bit – I normanlly live in jeans so it was a big deal. So nice to be served in such a nice place and not have to worry about washing up .

Will post some pics when I steal them from everyone else my cameras broke and I forgot to borrow Ds1.


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